Cougar Claw® Tree Stands. Taking comfort and safety to new heights.

Welcome to a new generation of climbing tree stands! Cougar Claw® Tree Stands start with a premium grade, all-welded aluminum frame. Then we add the finishing touches that help you stay up longer and safer; like the thickest foam seat available, a solid shooting rest, foot rest, and more underseat storage than any other tree stand. More standard features than any climbing stand available, including:

  • Easy-adjust extra wide backpacking straps for comfortable packing in and out.
  • 16 adjustment configurations for perfect tree position on every climb.
  • Multi Strand Climbing Cable fully coated for maximum noise reduction and equipped with machined square-block ends for fast, perfect alignment even in the dark.
  • Noise dampened cable pins permanently attached to the stand. No noise, no lost pins.
  • Snap-in seat can be completely removed for a safer climb and fastened quickly and quietly at climbing height.

Comfortable, Solid Tree Stands

Cougar Claw® Tree Stands provide legendary comfort and a solid feel, both critical to a successful hunt. Computer designed climbing teeth, wide, grooved cross members in the foot base, easily adjustable boot straps, and premium no-memory elastic heel straps all contribute to the best "feeling" stand you'll ever spend a day in!

New Leveling System

Cougar Claw® Tree Stands has unveiled a revolutionary new patent-pending Leveling System™ that allows hunters to level their tree stands safely while climbing up a tree.

With Cougar Claw's new system, hunters can, using pins, put their leveling cable into one hole at the bottom of the tree, then slide the cable to another hole, tightening it, any time during their climb. A second pin serves to make the stand even more secure and allows the cable to be adjusted to a tighter setting if necessary.

Auto Leveling Cable and Pins

Cougar Claw's new Leveling System™ consists of a redesigned cable and two pins. The new yellow coating on the cable dampens noise by eliminating metal to metal contact and also helps with visibility in dim light.

This innovative new cable and pin system is standard on all new LS Cougar Claw® tree stands.

Auto Leveling Pin Step 1

1. Cougar Claw's new Leveling System™ allows hunters to adjust their stand during the climb using two pins. At the beginning of the climb, both pins are in place.

Auto Leveling Pin Step 2

2. If the hunter needs to level his stand, he can adjust the stand by removing the top pin.

Auto Leveling Pin Step 3

3. Then tighten the cable and free up a new hole below the existing pins.

Auto Leveling Pin Step 4

4. Next, the hunter simply inserts the first pin into this new hole, which secures the cable in its tightened position.